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SOLD 100-0696 Westley Richards (Double Rifle) – Large Calibre – Percussion

We are in Canada and this item is eligible to be shipped to the USA without an import permit. Antique Class/FFL and Duty Exempt. Shipping cost to the US varies depending on your location and costs between $120-150 USD. We are contract shippers with FedEx.


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Product Description


(We utilize FedEx shipping to the USA and Canada on this item. Shipments include an official Antique Certificate.)

Here we have an Original Westley Richards Percussion Double Rifle (Cap & Ball). Antique (No PAL or Firearms license required).

Recent assessment of this piece from an experienced life-long collector and verifier determined the following:

Maker: Westley Richards - Antique Class

Rifle Bore in .80cal Percussion Cap and Ball. Circa 1870

Overall Length is 42 1/2″, Barrel is 25 1/2″

Condition: 8/10 Physical, 9/10 Mechanical and 8/10 Barrel

Additional info: Appears to be a damascus double barrel. Very Good condition with original patch box in stock. High Quality and desireable piece.  Heavy Game Elephant Gun.

Antique Classification: This item is classified as an original antique pre-1898 and is not considered a firearm in Canada for the purposes of registration in accordance with the Canadian Firearm Act and RCMP Antique firearms regulations. The Buyer will receive an Antique Certificate for this item bearing the signature and seal of an accredited Appraiser. Although an antique, this item is still subject to other regulations associated with firearms such as handling, storage and transport.

Caveat Emptor: As to condition and valuation, we do our best to provide sufficient information to potential buyers on condition, specifications, and technical data -  the errors and omissions excepted provision applies. These are Antique pieces and are not considered firearms for registration purposes. There are no warranties or guarantees, stated or implied, to any functionality. The buyer understands that this item is a verified antique that is not meant to fire and that the buyer assumes all liability once the item is purchased.

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